The no signal signals mystery

Orbiting, perversion and business scams.

Why would a man (or a woman for that matter, or even worse a dysfunctional couple acting in disguise as one person) chose to send subliminal messages to a someone for almost two years and miscommunicate or try to communicate contradictory things instead of acting like an adult by sending a normal email or making a friendly call, as he seems to be able to do so with other people? And why would he do all that to not clear out things when finally being confronted about his intrusive behavior? Why would he play the still fixated ghost? Is there something other than greed to be pointed out?

When it’s about paradoxal flirting, the orbiter is just playing, he likes to know that you like him, that you are under his spell, that he is controlling you by playing your feelings. It’s stupid and immature. And when he is confronted with rejection and the reality of the non existent admiration he is pretending to be getting, he acts like he has done or seen nothing. 

In the case of a lier who likes to pretend being in non existent affairs by sending those signals seen by his entourage to benefit from the fake association he is insinuating, it’s obviously a pathetic demonstration of greed and lack of real business abilities, a desperate growth strategy for a dead business.

In the case of a pervert copycat, who wants you to know that he is using your brain, using your essence and creativity, it’s a stalking pathological issue. And if it’s about all three situations at the same time, you’re probably dealing with a fixated envious psychopath.