The whisper / Le murmure

  She used to sing, then she started whispering like a wild animal with broken wings. She lived by the mountain, she sang by the river, and she got deeply hurt as she fought the bigger ones attacking, the furious and the vicious surrounding. Frozen by her pain, dissociated, she looked afar while the little…


Dans ma prison dorée, j’ai joué bloqué
La vérité, c’est que je suis barricadé

The silent sigh

Old style, new style, slam, lyrical freestyle, it is poetry, a hypnotic flow, the telling of an endless love story that goes right and wrong. Tragically romantic and boundless, the self crashes down on a fantasy paradise beach. This beautiful work almost turned out to be a play or an album, but instead found its…

The ugly One

He tried to kill the vibe,
They all came around
« He’s having pieces
I want one too »
They all make just one,
The ugly One

I hacked your brain


Monologue fragmenté d’un sans emploi

– Seul dans ton coin à te demander pourquoi on ne veut pas de toi, pourquoi c’est juste toi dans le froid sous un presque toit que tu n’aimes pas?   – Mes diplômes, mes nuits blanches à étudier pour me cultiver, à quoi ça m’a servi? Pourquoi on m’a condamné à stagner? J’ai parlé…